History of Accidents

You can find descriptions of accidents involving hydrocarbon explosions and/or fires below.

Another very useful resource is the U.S. Chemical Safety Board's website which comprises a wealth of information on recent and past accidents (including complete investigation reports). Click here to access the CSB's website.

Sep 2012
Tamaulipas Refinery, Mexico
Aug 2012
Amuay Refinery, Venezuela
Dec 2010
Puebla Pipeline, Mexico
Apr 2010
Deepwater Horizon, Gulf of Mexico
Oct 2009
Jaipur, India
Oct 2009
CPR Tank Farm, Puerto Rico
Dec 2005
Buncefield, UK
Jul 2005
Mumbai High North, India
Mar 2005
BP Texas, USA
Sep 2001
AZF (Azote de France) fertilizer factory, Toulouse
Apr 2001
Humber Refinery, UK
Mar 2001
P36 Platform, Brazil
Jun 2000
Grangemouth Refinery, UK
Sep 1998
Esso Longford plant, Australia
Jul 1994
Texaco refinery, Milford Haven, UK
Oct 1989
Phillips 66 Company, Pasadena, USA
Jul 1988
Piper Alpha, UK
Dec 1984
Union Carbide India Ltd (UCIL), Bhopal, India
Nov 1984
PEMEX LPG Terminal, Mexico
Jul 1976
ICMESA Chemical Company, Seveso, Italy
Jun 1974
Flixborough, UK

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