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Why join FABIG?

Joining FABIG provides excellent training opportunities and ensures that your organisation is kept abreast of the latest developments in fire and explosion engineering. FABIG also provides a forum for discussing technical issues with industry peers via participation in the FABIG activities, therefore creating invaluable networking opportunities.

Every organisation also faces the inevitable loss of corporate knowledge associated with changes in personnel. As the only organisation committed to the sharing and dissemination of information on hydrocarbon fires and explosions, FABIG will greatly facilitate the acquisition and updating of knowledge in your company.

Membership Benefits

All employees within a member organisation are entitled to a wide range of benefits including:

  • Free attendance at our quarterly FABIG Technical Meetings (also available via webcast)
  • Free access to all the FABIG Technical Publications & Videos online including:
    • The Interim Guidance Notes and all Technical Notes
    • Technical presentations from all Technical Meetings
    • Articles from all Technical Newsletters
  • Opportunity to contribute to FABIG activities.

Technical Meetings

FABIG organises 4 Technical Meetings per year on topics relevant to the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. They are generally half-day events with presentations from invited industry experts held in Aberdeen, London and available via webcast.

Employees from member organisations can attend the meetings free of charge. The list of forthcoming Technical Meetings is provided in the Events section of the website, and employees from member organisations can access all the presentations and video recordings from past meetings from the Technical Presentations & Videos section.

Interim Guidance Notes and Technical Notes

The Interim Guidance Notes (IGN) was published in 1992 and was the first reference document for the design and protection of topside structures against fires and explosions. The FABIG Technical Notes complement and update the IGN and are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry. Employees from a member organisation can download the IGN and all the Technical Notes from the Technical Guidance section of the website.

Technical Newsletters

FABIG releases at least 3 Newsletters per year comprising technical articles on the latest developments in fire and explosion engineering. Employees from a member organisation can download all the Newsletters from the Technical Newsletters section of the website.

Training and Networking Opportunities

Joining FABIG will provide your organisation with excellent training and networking opportunities. As our Technical Meetings are accepted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by most engineering institutions, many of our members use FABIG for training both young and experienced engineers to ensure that employees are kept abreast of the latest developments in fire and explosion engineering. If unable to attend in person, whether due to other commitments or distance, a member can attend the meetings via webcast and participate in the discussion by raising questions to the speakers “live”.

FABIG Technical Meetings are also a forum for discussing technical issues with industry peers and therefore provide invaluable networking opportunities.

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