Technical Guidance

The Interim Guidance Notes (IGN) was the first reference document for the design and protection of topside structures against fires and explosions. It was published in 1992 following Phase 1 of the JIP on Blast and Fire Engineering for Topside Structures (BFETS).

The FABIG Technical Notes complement and update the IGN. They are widely used throughout the oil and gas industry and are the only available documents that provide step-by-step procedures and worked examples.

The IGN and Technical Notes are listed below (FABIG members can download them for free and non-members can contact us to purchase them). Some of the FABIG Technical Notes have also been translated into Chinese, and these versions are also available below.

FABIG Technical Guidance (in English)

Interim Guidance Notes for the Design and Protection of Topside Structures against Explosion and Fire
Technical Note 14
Design of Low to Medium Rise Buildings against External Explosions
Technical Note 13
Design Guidance for Hydrocarbon Fires
Technical Note 12
Vapour Cloud Development in Over-filling Incidents
Technical Note 11
Fire Loading and Structural Response
Technical Note 10
An Advanced SDOF Model for Steel Members Subject to Explosion Loading: Material Rate Sensitivity
Technical Note 09
Human Factors Guide
Technical Note 08
Protection of Piping Systems subject to Fires and Explosions
Technical Note 07
Simplified Methods for Analysis of Response to Dynamic Loading
Technical Note 06
Design Guide for Steel at Elevated Temperatures and High Strain Rates
Technical Note 05
Design Guide for Stainless Steel Blast Walls
Technical Note 04
Explosion Resistant Design of Offshore Structures
Technical Note 03
Use of Ultimate Strength Techniques for Fire Resistant Design of Offshore Structures
Technical Note 02
Explosion Mitigation Systems
Technical Note 01
Fire Resistant Design of Offshore Topside Structures

FABIG Technical Guidance (in Chinese)

烃类火灾消防设计研究 (FABIG TN13)
过度填充事故中蒸汽云的形成 (FABIG TN12)
火灾负荷及结构响应研究 (FABIG TN11)
火灾和爆炸时管道系统的保护 (FABIG TN08)
钢在高温和高应变率下的设计指南 (FABIG TN06)
不锈钢防爆墙设计研究 (FABIG TN05)
海洋结构物抗爆设计 (FABIG TN04)
海上结构在极限强度下的抗火研究 (FABIG TN03)

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